Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sears Pictures. =]

Yay for Sears pictures! Josh and I took them a couple weeks ago. I think the weekend after Thanksgiving. The theme of the pictures were red and black. Everyone had to wear either red or black. Knowing me, we got Josh this uber cute sweater for him to wear and I was just gonna wear a t-shirt but they said no. =[. So we went to his cousins house and got a red sweater from him. It was a little too small but I still pulled it off. We took pictures with his family. It was mostly all his brothers and sisters, his mom, gmama, cousins, and aunt and uncle, plus me. Lol. It's so funny because in the family picture, i'm like the darkest one there. Haha. I don't have all the pictures uploaded and i'll get those soonly up but here's another little teaser picture. It's a picture of Josh and I. Josh is sitting up and to the right and i'm sitting in front, leaning on his leg to the left. Its a cute picture. And it shows our rings! =]. Which I thought was pretty cool. We also put it in a frame that we found at the Dollar Store. It looks really great and will make an awesome edition to out new apartment! I hope you guys like it!

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