Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Advice Column: Happiness for all!

First of all, thank you guys SOOOOO so much for the awards! Mostly to Justina from The Personal Geographic and Jodie-Ann from Musings by Jodie.

Hey guys! Sorry I've been out of commission for the week. Opportunities have just been knocking on my door and I'm so thankful!

I got a new job working for an Optometrist in Grapevine. It's so exciting! I love working for Optometrists. It's gonna be different from the last time I worked for one because there is going to be a total of 3 staff members, and only one is going to be working the whole day with the doctor!

The last time I worked for an Optometrist, there was 3 or four other people working so I know i'm gonna be on my toes! But that's okay. I definitely need the extra income and I know for a fact that it's gonna be a great job for me. Also the scheduling is perfect. It's Tuesdays and Thursdays all day and the occasional Saturdays! It's perfect because I won't be rushing around on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to get to work and get my husband to work. And I'll still have Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday mornings to either go back to school or take up a Yoga class! =].


Anyways, back to the topic at hand: Happiness for all.

Let me tell you MY key to happiness: The two P's, Patience and Positivity.

- Patience because you need to get through the nitty gritty to get to the really good stuff. With Trial comes pain and error and eventually, when you get it right, Happiness. There are steps that people need to take to achieve happiness. You cannot just receive happiness and there you go, it's there and it will never go away because it will. You need to find happiness for yourself. Make yourself happy.

- If making people happy, makes you happy then go for it, but remember that you aren't going to make everyone happy, and that's okay. As long as you tried your hardest, then you can always tell yourself that you did a good job. Being patient is a key factor in happiness because it isn't going to come to you whenever you want. Sometimes It's when you least expect it and that's the best time too.

- Positivity is hard because not everyone can be so positive all the time. The thing with me is that I made the resolution to be happy this year. To make myself happy and try harder and not beat myself up for the things I didn't accomplish.

- It is so much easier to think negative than to think positive.Society has made negativity a trend these days. Whenever something negative happens in the news, it is crazy, they blow it up, gossip blogs and all kinds of stuff. Of course everyone feels sorry for the less fortunately, it's nature to have compassion but don't let it ruin your happiness. Life is for you to take.

- If you want to be Happy, Be. That's it. No fences, no games, no nothing. Just be happy. Think Happy. Talk Happy. Move Happy. Dance Happy. Sing Happy. Love. Like Nike said, Just do it.

- Find things that make you happy. Things that make me happy are:
- My husband.
- Singing.
- Playing guitar.
- Yoga.
- My family.

- Hang on to Happiness, it's really hard to come across it but you cannot let it go because:

- NOTHING IS WORTH BEING HAPPY FOR IF YOU DON'T FIGHT FOR IT! That's the truth. You need to fight for your happiness. You can't let your happiness pass you by.

So what do YOU guys think happiness is all about? Tell me what makes you happy.


  1. I've never figured 'happiness' out. I think it's too late now for me. I'm glad you've got a handle on it yourself.

  2. I wouldn't say that i've had a handle on it but I am definitely on my way to figuring it out. It's gonna be a long and fun journey.

  3. The littlest things make me happy. Happiness makes me happy. :) And you're welcome for the award!

  4. Nice glad to see you're happy Adrey. I feel like im getting there. Music (guitar) and fitness are my keys to happiness. And its true. Negativity is everywhere you go. The media LOVES to blow it out of proportion. Thats what makes money nowadays. I recommend most people should spend a week away (a break) from TV, internet, phones, etc. atleast once a year. it really helps alot.


  5. @Jodie Thats good! Little things are sometimes, the best things to help you bring happiness to your life.

    @Manny Thanks! I'm happy to see you are progressing! Music is a great way to become happy. Just lose yourself in music.

  6. I think anyone can be happy if they don't let negativity bring them down. Words like "can't" are the worst, because they play such a big role in bringing you down.

    Counting my blessings has always helped keep me more positive. Reflecting on how blessed I am to have my friends, family, boyfriend, home, education..

    & I agree with what you said about having to work for that happiness. It really doesn't have much worth if you just expect to obtain it without any effort on your part. You also never really appreciate it without experiencing the darker end of the spectrum.

  7. YOU ARE AMAZING. I LOVE THIS POST. You make me happy :)

  8. which proves us that happiness truly is a choice :) either you smile with the world or not.

    singin' in the shower. going to church. or just by reading a book makes me happy :)

  9. @ashley YES YES YES! definitely people can't let the negativity break them down. it's not good. glad to see you are happy as well!

    @justina thank you! you are the bomb! YOU make ME happy!

    @Nowitzki love singing in the shower and churching going.... and reading as well! =]]]

  10. This cheered me up a little, makes me want to be more positive. Thanks a lot! :D


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