Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Monday Weekend Recap: Jeremiah's and Jessica's Birthday

Hey guys! Sorry that I didn't update this on Monday. I should have but I was extremely busy. First of all, Friday was a blur. My husband worked on Friday and after he got out of work I picked him up and picked up some resume's and applications so I could apply and turn them in at the City of Hurst. So that was exciting. Then we went to Grand Buffet for Joshs sister Jessica's 21st birthday! The food was pretty alright. It was pretty exciting.

The next day our roommate brought her child to us and we took her to my cousin's son Jeremiah's 3rd bday. That was A LOT of fun! We had shish-ka-bobs, sausages, burgers and pasta salad! It was all really yummy. The only thing that sucked was all the wind that went crazy when we were putting up the decorations. We had a good time, playing with the kids and eating. As always, we took thousands and thousands of pictures. It was so much fun seeing all the little kids playing. I missed my cousins and stuff so it was a good thing to see them again. The best thing about that day I think was when Alexcia was literally chasing her shadow all around the park! It was so funny!

They played at the park which was so huge and fun! There were swings and see-saw's and a huge wooden complex that was really cool too. We played with the kids and watched them slide down the slides and the joy of seeing them was just a very good feeling.

My cousin pulled out a blanket thing we laid down and talked and watched the kids run around. They played pin the horn on the dinosaur because Jeremiah LOVES dinosaurs and they were just so happy!

After that, we just went home and Maria picked up her child and we went back to my cousins house just to talk a little and then went back home.

Sunday we took my cousin to the church that we like in Arlington. I love that church, it's so fun and everyone is so welcoming and filipino but there was way more people there than when we went last time. It was crazy. It was kinda awkward because that day they were talking about Missions and Missionaries and Evangelism and we don't really like that. We like coming to church to hear about the word of God but we don't like to preach it ourselves or talk to others about it. Sure, I can say, I'm a believer but I don't want to be labelled a Catholic, Pentecostal or anything like that. I am a Christian, I do believe in God but in a general sense.

I'll get into it more later in a different post.

After that, we went home and ate a little and then we went to the Fort Worth Nature and went hiking for a little bit, just to check out the animals and get a little exercising done whilst enjoying the nice spring heat. =]. And that was my weekend!


  1. Sounds like so much fun. I've been missing so much time with my extended family lately. It's nice that you are so close.

  2. sounds like a sweet time :)

  3. Is that a Chinese buffet? Awesome. Cute pictures, sounds like fun indeed :)

  4. :D This sounds so AWESOME! :D

  5. Oh, and I awarded you on my blog :D

  6. @jamie Thanks so much! I am definitely close with my extended happy!

    @Big a Thank you so much!!!!

    @Diego Yessir it is definitely a Chinese buffet! You love it!

    @Jodie Thank you so much!


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