Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bad Girls Club 06x01 Review

So I decided that I was gonna do reviews on the new episodes of the Bad Girls Club every week. So my husband and I have a tradition of going to his aunts house and we eat dinner and watch the Bad Girls Club on Oxygen! I absolutely love that show! Its so dramatic and exciting! It fills the void of drama in my own life. Ooooh how I long to be on that show. I've seen all the seasons and my favorite is season 4 followed closely by season 5. Well on to the review!

So we have Jessica who is a ghetto chola who looks old and very mean and is too loud for me. I believe she is from Chi-Town. She is just too much for me and she also pulled Laurens hair. She acts soo big and bad but she looks soo little and gross. Very trashy.

We have Kori who is pretty. I kinda like her a lot. Her hair dresser is the guy who she is sleeping with which can mean he is bi-sexual. But when they were talking he seemed pretty gay to me. She is all fake though which kinda sucks. Her lips look all crazy and stuff. But she is cool in my book. No drama with her... Yet.

Jade is this ugly rastafarian looking chick who is such a cry baby! Her hair looks a hot damn mess. I am so glad that she left. She shoould not have gotten as drunk as she did then she probably wouldn't have any problems with anyone. Also, she said she would not get pushed out of the house yet sure enough, she leaves. Dumbass. Weak. She is done.

Then we have Sydney who is this really ugly red head from Dallas. Which I am so sad to say I am from here as well. Its like... Depressing too see that represent my town. Oh well. She alsoo seems like a lesbian. Which reminds me, what gay guy gets along with a lesbian? I have never seen it happen... In all my 21 years. Well anyways, she just looks uber trashy.

There's also Char who is the C.E.B. Which means the Chief Executive Bitch! What gets me is why she would leave her job to be on the Bad Girls Club. I think she might be taking a vacay of some sort maybe. She is pretty and she is also really cool. Pretty down to earth and funny. She is good in my book. No drama with her... Yet. Either.

Then there is Lauren, Kentucky girl. I don't really care for her. She is pretty lame. She looks like a mix of Lexie from Season 4 and Cordelia from Season 2. She is... Just there. Doesn't matter to me.

The worst of them all is the disgusting Nikki. Ugh she makes me grind my teeth because she is so big headed and dumb... Literally, she has a huge head. She is like a man. She seems like she is very loud and condescending. She thinks she can push people around because she THINKS she is strong and everyone else is not. She is a prankster, like an immature little child. Its like she is trying to be Natalie from Season 4. Nasty. Hopefully she will goo away sooon.

Well basically Jessica and Kori team up and go out. Jade, Sydney and Lauren show up as well and go party some where else. Then Char and Nikki end up at the house and stay there. Then drama ensues when Jade gets uber drunk and whines to Sydney and Lauren to go home. At that time, Jessica and Kori back at the house chillaxin and meeting the other girls. Then Jades drunk ass causes a scene with Nikki. And then Lauren and Jessica fight and she pulls Laurens hair and drags her on the floor. They all pack up Jades stuff and put it outside and Jade passes out in the telephone room.

The next day Lauren says she doesn't remember anything but I think she is faking it so that she can play dumb and not have problems with anyone. Jade decides to leave after a bickering fight with Nikki. Then Jade leaves and Nikki thinks that she is rising too power because she pushed her out. So dumb.

Anyways, the preview says that Nikki takes things too far and send either Lauren or Kori to the hospital. Good job Nikki, great way too get sent home you stupid bitch. Ugh. Sorry for my vulgar guys but this show turns me into a different person! LOLOL.

Did you guys watch the show? What do YOU think? Leave your comments below! :)
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  1. This sounds like a mix between Big Brother and Jersey Shore. I don't think I could handle watching it, dumb bitches make me angry LOL

  2. Since my butt is just to focus on my blogs.. I don't have time to watch the TV.. hahahaha but I guess.. I'll go watch now.. Hahah not that blogging is such a non sense that I can't do anything with my life anymore.. it's just that it eats me now.. and I might start opening the TV now.. hahaha thanks for sharing!


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