Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 21 - a photo of something that makes me happy

I absolutely love Arizona green tea. Not just because I like arizona because I lived there but also for the fact that it tastes good. It's not the must healthiest drink in the workd but it's better than drinking soda. In 2008, I drank one of these everyday for a whole year. I was obsessed.

I imagined myself as a celebrity always carrying one around like Shia Lebouf or Paris Hilton with a new phone and then the company would sponsor me and I would make millions just advertising for them by walking around and getting photographed with it in my hand... Gay huh?


  1. Ginseng. Good man. Healthy man. ;)

  2. Haha! I LOVE green tea. My fave is Sipps.

  3. Arizona is the bestttt. I like the honey and lemon (or whatever the hell it is) one too. They've started putting them in bottles now, though. WHAT IS THIS SHIT?

    (pardon my angry words)

  4. @christian haha u know I love it

    @justina its the best

    @Jodie-Ann ive never had Sipps I may need it try it.

    @Ashley I know! It taste better in the can.


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