Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 7 - My dream wedding!

Hmmmm... My dream wedding. I am such a boy, I haven't really thought of it. My husband wants to have an all asian themed wedding. As much as I love all things asian, my dream wedding I want is to be kinda traditional.

I want a backyard wedding at a beautiful house. The wedding will be super simple and clean looking. I want huge white arches around the whole wedding with green vines and pretty flowers growing out of them all placed over the pathway and chairs. Everyone will be dress in white. White chairs and a white pathway. I want small little ponds on the outside of the arches with fishes swimming in them and small little waterfalls in them as well so we set the tone up for a relaxing outdoorsy wedding. Josh and I will both be wearing white. And I want to wear a red or pink tie, and Josh will be wearing a tie of his favorite color! The person will marry us and we will kiss and it will be a beautiful wedding.

As for the reception, I want white, all white. Pretty white with accents of purple and yellow. I want it inside of a ballroom with a huge dance area. Pretty Chandeliers and a show in our honor! An extravagant show of joy and laughter. Amazing tooasts. Dancing. The Money Dance. A huge cake with ice cream. A buffet of international food. Cameras on every table so that everyone can take pictures and dispense them in boxes at the end of the night. Cute center pieces with recepies for a happy marriage. And I get to sing. That woould be my dream wedding. :)
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