Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Weekend Recap: Superbowl Weekend!!!!

Aiight. Superbowl weekend. It was alright. Friday was alright and so was Saturday.

Friday was a crazy day because we left like around 5am so that I could take him to work. It was crazily snowing the past week and there was sleet and ice everywhere. We drove practically 30mph all the way over there and we almost died just once! We were going down a small high and turning right and when I hit the brakes we almost hit the pole! All because he wanted to go and pick up his friend! So glad that my driving skills are amazing and we narrowly missed death! And I’m such a good friend.

Well I also had to stay at my husbands job and I watched a movie while my husband worked. It was quite funny. I said "Hi" to his friends as they walked passed and told me how they wish they could just sleep and watch movies, LOL. I got helluh comfortable too! I took off my pants and my sweatshirt and lounged out! It was fun. Afterwards, we went to Bath and Body Works because my Josh had an interview with them! It went really well he said, and they told him that they were gonna call him today, but they haven't, so he is gonna call them tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be a yes because he likes that place and it would be doing something that he loves to do! After that we just went home.

We pretty much just stayed in Saturday because Josh had to work during the day and I stayed home all day just watching movies.

Sunday was a lot of fun though. Josh worked at 6am in the morning again which was fine. It warmed up quite a bit so that really good. We also got his income tax so that's awesome too! We went to my cousins house and we watched the game there! it was so much fun! It sucked that Christina fucked up the words, I feel for that girl. I'm not a huge fan of her but she does have a good voice and I just feel bad for her. =/. The Black Eyed Peas were SO AWESOME! I really loved the Half Time Show! It made me happy. LOL. I liked the Tron outfits!

It was a really close game too!

Oh well, Steelers can't win them all! Good job Packers! Fudge Packers!

Then we went to my other cousins house and ate and sang Karaoke! I love to sing. I sang all kinds of songs and people loved it! I sang songs like, Until the End of Time by JT and Beyonce, Alone by Heart, Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen, Telephone and Bad Romance by the Gaga, Picture by Cheryl Crow and Kid Rock, Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang by Freestyle and others too! It was awesome! I had so much fun! Loved it. If you know Filipino's they will ALWAYS have a karaoke machine! It's a pinoy thing I guess lol. We can't have a party without it!

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  1. Hallelujah is the best friggin song EVER.
    LOL @ Fudge Packers hahaha.
    I felt bad for Christina too.. she's very talented, and people were hating on her so much for her little slip up..

    Glad you had fun! I need to get me a karaoke machine..


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