Thursday, March 10, 2011

Apartment shopping!

Yay for apartment shopping! I like looking for places to live. I hope to find kind of a better place to live that the apartments we are living in now.

In the apartments we live in now there's just too much going on. I don't really like to leave my apartment and go walking around and it's just not feeling very comfortable where we are living right now, and comfort and quietness means a lot to us. We aren't the most quiet people but still. We like our privacy. It seems like the walls are extremely flimsy. We can hear everyone's water systems and all kinds of stupid stuff.

Not to mention we call the cops on our neighbors almost every weekend. It's just too crazy when you have these drunken people yelling at each other in Spanish and getting drunk and fighting. UGH. Hopefully we will find a more comfortable place to live in. Even if it's more expensive, at least we will be living the way we want too.


  1. I used to live in a really noisy, disruptive neighborhood too. The walls of the apartment were practically paper thin and if you were quiet enough you could hear the people next door whisper. So annoying. And people were ALWAYS yelling outside so it was so hard to sleep..

    Apartment browsing is fun though, good luck! :)

  2. Good luck Adrian!

  3. I hope you find a great house :)

  4. yay! gudluck in your apartment shopping Adrey :)

  5. @Ashley Yeah! I frickin hate it! Theres always people yelling all the time and I feel bad for calling the cops but it needs to be done. Thank you though!

    @Kim thank you my friend!

    @Jodie I think we are gonna stay in our same apartments.

    @Nowitzki Thank you very much!


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