Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I just....

cannot work out a blog with anyone. This was the only consistent one that I have been using. I am back with this one, I just keep coming back, LOL. Well lots has been going on in my life! My job has been going well. My husband just quit his other job. I don't remember if I ever told you guys about him and his job at the new pawnshop. So that is exciting for us. It's crazy.

Our truck has been giving us more trouble than ever. It got towed like two weeks ago and whatnot.

My tags are all expired so I'm driving UBER carefully so I don't go to jail.

I have warrants.

I need to get auto insurance.

I need a new car.

Ugh! So much stuff I need to do but don't know how!

Any advice?

Also going to AZ and Houston this summer but I need a sexy body. HELP!


  1. "So much stuff I need to do but don't know how!"
    "I need a new car."
    "this summer but I need a sexy body".

    This makes TWO of us..:P

  2. Man I need a sexy body too -_-
    Happy you're back! Again lol

  3. Summer coming, with you on the sexy body, bro. Good luck, and BLOG more dammit!

  4. LOL! Welcome back again, haha!


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