Friday, December 11, 2009


Today is going to be a very exciting and busy day. Well, maybe it just seems that way to me. First of all, I’m working from 8:30 to Noon which is good but not good at the same time. It’s good because I get out early and I get a longer weekend, but not really that exciting because I’m losing hours which sucks ass. A lot of it too. But everyone loves longer weekends so I guess it pays off in the end.

I also have an interview today at 1pm. It’s an Optometrists office over in the Hulen Mall in the Sears wing, right next to Eyemasters. The doctor called me kind of late in the evening. I was still at work so I had to unchalantly go to the bathroom and finish talking to her. She just reviewed my resume with me and asked about my last job and my current job and why I wanted to leave it. I told her because I know Optometry more. I have more experience and I want to utilize the experience I have and put it to use. I’ve worked in the Optical business for almost 2 years and I’m good at it and I just wanna be somewhere I’m familiar with. Its harder for me working in a Chiropractic practice because I don’t know anything about it. Attorneys, and insurance, major med, workers comp, heat and inferential, IT, x-rays etc… it’s all great stuff but I need to be trained more in it. The doctor hired me on to do Data Entry and I’ve been doing it but he just demands more and more of me. He wants me to move up but he’s not taking the proper ways to ensure that I’m doing a good job. I try to give the best I can and I believe I am doing great, but he just wants me to do more than I can do apart from my job duties. I have to do more things that I’m supposed to do, and I’m not getting paid for it. So, I think it’s time for a change. She said that it is a part-time job. Which kinda sucks. But I’m hoping that it’ll at least be 30 hr per week and that she is going to pay me more. That would be great. I would definitely take it. But I’m not sure how it’s gonna go so I’m going to ask her today at the interview.

Then we are viewing our new apartments today at 2pm. I’m very excited for that too. We finally get to see what they look like =]. The only thing that I’m afraid of is getting approved for the apartment because it’s gonna be looking at my credit. Or Joshs. Idk which one but I really hope that we get approved. We definitely need to get a place of our own because there’s too much going on in that house. We are so stressed our about everyone else’s affairs that we aren’t working on our own and that’s what causing problems between us. With our own place, we can be alone and work on our relationship and do the things we need to do to succeed in each others lives. So hopefully we can start with this apartment.
We also have Stephen’s party tonight too which we are both excited about. We met Steve through Sara at a “fajita’s and drinks” get together she threw the day after Thanksgiving. It was really fun, the fajita’s were basically amazing. Sara got the fajita’s from HEB which is like extremely far but totally worth it. Then we had a lot of drinks, lol. Buttery nipples, Tequila Rose, Vanilla Coke, and beer. It was an extremely fun time. =-]. So hopefully tonight will be a repeat!

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