Tuesday, December 15, 2009

my weekend was very eventful

This weekend was pretty exciting! Kind of. Well, I’m not sure lol. I had lots of fun on Friday. Kinda of. Ughh well Friday started out okay, then got worse, then got better then got weird… but it ended really awesome. Saturday was okay, we just chilled out and we also did that on Sunday as well.

Friday morning was crazy! I worked til like noon-thirty which was good in the beginning, until my doctor totally dumped a load of work on me before I had to leave for an interview. I was like, “Really? That’s just fantastic.” Sarcasm of course. So I did what I could and dumped it all back on his desk then darted out of there because I know Josh was getting irritated. He also forgot my dang interview outfit back at the house so in addition to being late getting off of work, we had to go back to the house so I could change. I end up being 10 minutes late because the place is farther than when Jesus walked across that hot ass desert with that big ol crucifix. Yeah, that far. But not really. It seemed like it though. So we stop in front of the mall and I run inside and get to the Optometrists office as soon as possible and I leave Josh with the car to park.
The interview went great! She was running late as well because she was seeing patients, which was good for me. She took me back for a short and quick interview and we really connected. I told her about my experience, schooling, music, and crocheting and she told me that I was an awesome person. She told me that she doesn’t have very many hours and that it’s a small part time position for only 10 hrs a week. I’m okay with that. That means that I can still work at my current job AND at the other place for $9.00/hr. Still sucks but it’s more money for Josh and I, you know? So I’m glad that it’ll help us out a little bit more.

After the interview, we went to the apartments where we want to live and saw what they were gonna look like and they look really cute! We’re very excited to be moving and we’re gonna put in the application on Friday and hopefully we’ll be able to get it! I really hope that we do! It’ll be amazing.

Nothing too much went on during the day, but we did go to our friend Steve's party. It was really fun and I had a lot to drink. Grey goose with cranberry and 7 up. Buttery nipples galore. My first Jager Bomb! And a whole bunch more. Steve's house is so uber cute. I like it a lot. Its white with really cool lighting. Massage room, wrap around backyard thing. It was all a very cool environment. The people were really nice too. The ages ranged from 18 to early 50's. But we all had fun with each other. Meeting new people is fun. We talked about love lives, jobs, life, school, health. Everything. I can't wait to have another party. =].

Saturday we went to lunch with Steve at Olive Garden. I had the chicken alfredo which is always amazing. I ate too many breadsticks though. ughh. We just talked about the party. Nothing too exciting.

After Olive Garden, we went to go to a family reunion for Josh's family. Definitely not exciting. We just sat there and talked with some relatives and watched Happy Feet. I fell asleep. It was boring and I was really full from Olive Garden. But we stayed for a little bit just to see everybody. Then Josh's Gmama gave us some money to go pay for her Laptop at the rent place over in Southside so we do that for her.

We also go to Blockbuster to rent Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince because we love Harry Potter, he is the friggin bomb like it's no body's business. But we didn't get to watch it that night because everybody was there and didn't leave til late and we just wanted everyone to go because they are very annoying, so by the time we pop the movie in, it's really late and we fall asleep. How convenient since we only rented the movie for one day.

Sunday was the most boring. We were just not feeling good that day so it turned out pretty mediocre. =/. I was defnitely excited to be back at work.

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