Sunday, December 6, 2009

I think i'm allergic...

to Yorkshire Terriers! I have been at my cousins house all day today just doing laundry because we've been needing to do them for a long while. I've been telling my cousin that she needs to teach me how to make this Holiday Fruit Fluff that she made at the Thanksgiving lunch. It was AMAZING! I can't wait to make it! It just sounds so yummy and I don't really want to put up the ingredients online because.... it's a secret. =]. All you Slayers fans should know what i'm talking about. Lol. But anyways, I saw the greatest opportunity to get our laundry done AND get the recipe for that fluff thing! I'm so happy. I can't wait to make it for my moms bday! I also fixed my cousins computer because its been having this virus on it for the longest time and I got rid of it so now it doesn't randomly restart every 5 seconds. lol. Gosh i'm the bomb. =]

Gahh. Laundry is just taking wayyyy too long and i'm not loving it too much but it has to get done somehow right?

Well, while we were doing laundry, we watch that Super Sweet 16 movie with Aly and AJ. It was lame. Lol. We also had to watch these crazy hyperactive kids. OMG they are too hyper for me. It's crazy. I also applied for jobs for Josh and for myself. I printed out this stuff for school so we can get our financial aid for school and stuff. UGHH. School is so stressful. I need more money. We also went to target to buy some shower curtains for our new apartment. =].

Oh! And guess who found new apartments???

Josh and I did! =]. They are very cute too. Well we actually havent even seen them yet. ON Friday, Josh and I, after I got off work, went to look at some apartments. First, we went to the Hilltop in North Richland Hills and those were pretty nice. They had a good floor plan. We liked it a lot but it was a little too expensive. It was around 500 and unfortunately, we don’t have that kinda money. Then we looked at the Arts apartments. They were like… weird. The apartments were green and yellow. Ick. I felt like we drove into Mexico. Haha. The apartments were really cute there but too expensive and just not what we were looking for. We were really excited to look at them because on the computer. They look really cute but they weren’t the ones we were looking for. We didn’t like that the bathrooms were in the bedroom and we didn’t like that at all. So thennn we went to the Hillside View, and we really liked those! There weren’t any 1 bedroom apartments for us to look at so we looked at a 3 bedroom apartment and the leasing agent said that the 1 bedroom looks just like the 3 bedroom one without the other two bedrooms. And let me tell you, it was very nice. I like the dark brown carpeting, and the hardwood flooring. The bedroom was pretty spacious, especially since it’s only gonna be Josh and I in there, we’re not gonna have too much stuff in it. Josh also liked that the bathroom was in the hallway instead of the bedroom. The living room also was very spacious. We can’t wait to move in there. But we’re gonna wait til next weekend to go see the 1 bedroom apartment because they don’t have any that are available right now. A couple of people are moving out soon and the leasing agent is going to call us when they are done renovating the apartments so we can take a look at them. Which will hopefully be at the end of next week.

Well it's getting pretty late here so i'm gonna see if this crap can finish so i can go home and go to sleeeeeep! I'm helluh mucho grande tired!


  1. Aw, Adrey! Congratulations on your new apt!
    I'm so happy for you guys, I'm so jealous lol

    Anyway, here's how to do that picture thing. You first click on Layout on your dashboard. Then you click on Add Gadget. After that, you click on HTML/JavaScript and basically you just put your picture on there... like you know the (i/m/g s/r/c=" PICTURE URL HERE " ) without the slashes. BlogSpot won't let me post my comment because it says IMG! and the parentheses... change those to the pointy arrow things lol
    Oh, and make sure you change the width if your picture is big. Mine is set at 252. So basically, it's like:
    (img src=" I/M/G URL HERE " width=252 )
    without the spaces, of course.

    Well hopefully that helped! I suck at explaining things! If you have any other questions, don't even hesitate to ask. Seriously. Lol (=

    Oh, PS I hope you aren't allergic to Yorkie's.. they're so cute!!

  2. Aww thank you Irish! That makes more sense now! So hopefully I can go ahead and put some sexy pixxx of me and my husband! We definitely like the new apartments so I hope we get them at the end of the month! I will put up some pictures so you can see. =].

    and I hope i'm not allergic either but I was sneezing like crazy. and my nose was running like a river and i kept cleaning it... "clean it up, coke whore!" haha thats what i felt like.


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