Monday, December 7, 2009

Reasons why I switched blogs

so as most of you guys know, I switched my blog from wordpress to blogger. And I like it a lot more. heres like a little list of the reasons why I switched my blogs:

1. I like the simplicity of Bloggers layout.
I dont have to click thousands of links or go through categories or lists to find what I need. With WordPress, I had to click on a set of links which would bring me to another set of links to choose from and quite frankly, I dont have the time to look through all of that.

2. I dont need to pay to use the full features of Blogger.
With WordPress, I would have to pay to be able to post from a FTP server. They called it like WordPress Extended or something like that. So if I wanted to have my own website, I could get an FTP client like CuteFTP and incorporate Blogger into that. Which would be nice to not have to pay for... like Blogger.

3. Blogger lets me change the HTML free of charge.
I REALLY like that fact that I can change the HTML of my blog for free, even if I have a template. That makes me extra happy. With WordPress, I didn't get to do that very much. I couldn't change the HTML or CSS of the WordPress themes. Yes, I liked them and they were cute, but I wanted to put in a little something more, you know?

4. I can add cool gadgets.
I like that I can have really cool gadgets to add to my sidebar. Yeah, I could do that with WordPress as well

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