Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Idiotic Co-Workers

I really don’t like stupid people. Well, not really stupid people because I honestly think that it’s kind of an act to make it seem like you’re a lovable airhead but when in reality, it just makes you look stupid. I know that stupid is a harsh word, but I can’t help it if that’s what your making yourself out to look like. For instance, there was a co-worker that was started here a couple weeks ago who was kind of cool on the first day. She was alright, we were showing her the ropes but she didn’t get it. Understandable, it’s a different work environment, you need time. Almost 2 weeks later, your still not getting it, you have problems with people, people are irritated with you because you keep messing up on your posting and whatnot. It’s pissing people off, especially the people you’re working with because we are the people who are supposed to be training you, but you’re not getting it so it reflects upon us. It makes it look like we aren’t doing a good job training you… sorry honey, but if you’re not getting what we need you to get, we need to let you go. Especially if your messing up posts patients, that’s a very important thing. She also didn’t like to do therapy with them. I was sick as a dog one day and I asked her to do the therapy because I didn’t want to get any of the patients sick, but her high and mighty ass didn’t want to “hurt” the patients. Okay that’s understandable, I told her. But there’s a difference in not wanting to hurt a patient and being damn lazy. You should not want to hurt a patient but you should also be confident in what you’re doing. Also, if I’m asking to do something because I’m carrying the bubonic plague, I would expect you to at least try. I mean, I would be there to supervise you but you still don’t want to get your fat ass up and say that your busy? Ugh. That doesn’t go well with me. So, I got her fired. I didn’t want her to work here if she was messing up things and wasn’t doing what she was supposed to do. She’s not supposed to be cleaning the whole desk that’s already cleaned, we need you to work with the patients and pay attention to detail. So we’re sorry, but we need to let you go. =]. But anyways, we started my cousin and hopefully things will work out because if it doesn’t I sure as hell won’t be afraid to get my cousin fired as well.

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