Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 1 - A Photo of Yourself and a Description of how your day was.

Hey guys! This is my first post for the 30 Day Blog Challenge! Yayyy! It's put up a photo of yourself and a description of how your day was. Well I didn't know if you were supposed to put a picture of yourself for today as well as a description so I'm just gonna assume... yes, and I didn't take a picture of myself today so my picture is from a while ago.

So today was an alright day. I started the day off waking up at around 6am and I went to go put air in the tires for my husband. He worked today at 7am and my routine for the day that he works early is I will get up and make coffee, then go and warm up the car for him. Damn, I'm such a good husband huh? LOL, I know. Well after that, I went into my room and went to sleep. Afterwards, he came back home and we decided to go return a whole bunch of clothes that we recently bought when we went to Houston. I kinda liked them but they were just too expensive for my taste. So we went to the mall and returned then and then turned right around and spent it on other things. Like other cuter clothes with more quality too. We bought some deep v-neck shirts, which I have been looking for forever!!! I mean how are shirts so expensive like v-necks when they have less clothing! Its crazy. We also bought our god daughter a shirt too as well as some thermals. I like these better. Maybe i'll model them for you guys later! Then I decided that we needed to go and do laundry so I called up my cousin and asked her if we could do it at her apartment, so that what I'm doing now! It's exciting. I'm also watching a whole bunch of reruns of The Game on BET.

Alrighty, well thats my post for today. I'll see you guys tomorrow! =]


  1. Aw, such a nice husband you are indeed!
    It's absolutely ridiculous how expensive some clothes are, when they're made out of the crappiest material and don't even last long. =_=

    Also, I love your shirt. And the other one in that pic to the side. :)

  2. Haha! You know that I try! It totally sucks about how expensive they can be. That's why I like my husbands job because at the GAP they are pretty quality and the price is great because he gets half off of retail price! So it's a definite plus.

    Thank you! I got the purple one in the Philipines for like 5 bucks, and I got the "Some Dudes Marry Dudes. Get Over It" Shirt from my brother for Christmas. It was really nice of him. You can get it at FCKH8.Com

  3. :D You are indeed an excellent husband. And I agree with Ashley, those shirts are awesome! And yes, clothes are way too expensive now.

  4. @Jodie-Ann Oh thanks mucho grande! I really like my shirts a lot. It makes me happy, LOLOL. I wish that we didn't have to worry about clothes being expensive.

  5. I love the way your bright personality shines through in this blog so we feel we're really seeing your days with you :)
    You right honestly from the heart and with an upbeat positivity that leaves your readers smiling.
    Keep up the fantastic work!

  6. Wow! So descriptive! Thank you so much for following! i will definitely keep writing for guys! Y'all are great!!! =]


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