Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sorry guys, new updates!

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been posting in the past couple of days!!! The charger for my MacBook crapped out on me and I cannot charge it anymore. Sad day. It sucks too because the charger is so damn expensive!!! So now I have to result to using my Blackberry for posting my blogs.

What really sucks about doing it is that I don't know how the template will show up with text oor images since I have to email my posts to my blog. Also my phone is jacked up and the letter 'o' sometimes repeats itself thousands of times, so if you read it, please don't get mad me, its not my horrid grammatical skills, its my phone. And ill try to catch them as I am typing.

So today was my audition for 'The Glee Project'. I was waiting in the freezing cold for 6 hours before we even got inside! Other than waiting for such a long period of time, I thought I did exceptionally well, I got through the first panel of judges and got to sing for the casting director of Glee. Unfortunately, he did not pass me through, he liked me, he told me I have a great voice and as he looked through my paperwork, he said asked me about my marriage and my age and that I was really young to get married. So in a way, I really think that that was the reason why he didn't let me through which would be a horrible reason not to let me through but oh well. I am very proud of myself for making it as far as I did and I know that now I have the courage to pursue more things as well. It was an amazing experience personally and for audition purposes. I am still going to continue with my performing career.

Sorry that I haven't been putting up the 30 Day Blog Challenges! I just recently found out how to update from my BB and hopefully will keep giving you guys what youu like to read.

Thank you to all my followers and friends for liking my Blog. Unfortunately, I cannot comment back on comments or follow anyone back, so as soon as I get on a computer, I will do so.

Special thanks to Ashley, Kamila, Jodie-Ann, Elle and Christian for being so nice to me and filling my blog with wonderful comments! I am still reading your blogs, but like I said, my phone is making it difficult to comment. :( soon I will though. Thanks guys!!!!
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  1. I really hope they didn't decide to not let you through just because you're married at a young age.. That'd be dumb. But I'm happy you got that far too! Congrats!

    Good luck with the computer.. as great as technology is, it still sucks, too haha


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