Wednesday, July 20, 2016

All up in my feelings

Are feelings bad?
Am I out of touch?

Out of touch...
             with myself
             with my feelings
             with reality
             with everything that make's me, me.

What do I do?
How do I get out of this?
Where did this feeling or thought come from?
Why is it affecting me so much?
Did I bring this upon myself?

I just feel like there is something missing from my life.

My birthday is coming up soon.

I'm turning 27 this year with nothing to show for it.

I know I have a lot of stuff going for me like I registered for school to be a web designer. I have two very fullfilling job that pays well. The Doctors pay pretty decently but I just hate for working for someone. Once, someone told me, "you can never fullfill your dream by working for someone elses."

This will also be my friend birthday being since and I think I'm sad about it. I am happy that I am single but I wish that there was someone out there like my ex David that could help me cuddle with me and tell me that everything will be okay.

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