Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Weekend Recap: Jennifers Bday Weekend!!!!

Hey guys! Sorry I didn't post very much last week. :/ I was really busy with work and my cousins bday and stuff. But I am back now so I can definitely get back to all these posts! So here we go! Starting with Monday!

Gosh! It seems like all my cousins are having bdays!! LOL and its true! My cousins are crazy! Man! So my weekend started actually on Thursday. I went to my cousin Jennifers house Thursday morning and made her eggs and bacoon for her birthday. It was a fun time.

Then we went to the mall and tried to look for a dress for her party on Saturday night. Through all the tops and dresses and all kinds of stuff I finally pick out the perfect dress for her. Its a cute black dress with purple things at the top. Its really cute. Then we left to Chilis for lunch.

After Chilis we went back to her house and Josh had to go work at 8pm til 5am so I stayed the night since his job is closer to my cousins side of town and it would waste too much time and gas to take me all the way back home. It was alright, we just watched movies and then went to bed.

The next morning, we got up and I made breakfast again. We went home early because I had my piano lesson at 330 and nothing else afterwards so I just ran on errands before that. Then after I got out, I picked up Josh and we went to my cousin Jessica's house and babysat her kids while she went to Happy Hour. Lucky!!!

As we were watching the kids, our roommate comes along and asks us what we are gonna do tonight but Josh says nothing and offers to bring the baby to us and she can go out. So she comes over and drops our goddaughter off and leaves.

When my cousin gets back, she sees the baby and thinks she is so cute. And if you have a cute baby around a filipino, prepare for the baby to get pinched and grabbed and scared and squeezed. Its weird but we like too hurt things that are cute...

So she basically just has all her attention on the baby and she gets her karaoke ready. She connects her computer to the TV and has a sound board and plugs the mics to the stereo system and we sing karaoke. We decide that we since no one else is with us we will sing all the great ballads from the 3 OG's Mariah, Whitney and Celine. We attempt to sing them and just have a fun time doing it. We are always singing karaoke, its crazy.

So Josh gets tired and we leave her house and she invites back to her house next saturday for her babies birthday party. Another party to go to!!! LOL. Jeez. And as we leave, I guess baby just loves her because she says bye to her and kisses her which she never does to anyone she just meets.

The next day is Saturday, so we lounge around a little bit, then we go run errands ourselves. We go to the mall and get my cousin and present at Bath and Body Works because she has been wanting it and then go to the dollar store to get some cleaning supplies because we ran out.

We clean the house and take a shower before we head to my cousins place but before that, we go get her some balloons and stop at the bank to get some money for tonight.

When we get to my cousins place, she isn't there!!! So we just walk right in, because that's what we do and her husband is sleeping on the couch. We wait for a little bit and our friend Blanca walks in with cupcakes that she ordered for tonight. They were purple with black polka dots on them.

She leaves and my other cousin comes in and we say hi and I help her make there chicken salad sandwiches. Ill put up the recipe at a later time. They were really simple, but very very yummy.

My birthday cousin comes back with my other other cousin and we all start to get ready as our other friend Shannon comes by. Jennifer (bday girl), Charlene (other other cousin), Shannon (friend) and my husband decide to go to the club earlyy so they can get the table and decorate and put food. We are always all about food LOL.

Also they decide that my husband bring the balloons so they can walk in and not see him when he uses my ID. Yeah. He uses my ID and I use my passport to get into clubs. Crazy right? He hardly looks like me. But it works! We're criminals, but my husband can't have the Xs at work because he gets into trouble so we do it anyways. They go ahead and I drop off Charlenes kid with her mom at her sisters house. At this time, my cousin Cheryl (the one who was making the chicken sandwiches) is there getting ready.

I help out by ironing her husbands shirt, then I leave for my cousin Jessica's house (the cousin that I babysat for and sang Karaoke with). She is already ready when I get there so we leave for the club and I use my passport to get in.

We go upstairs and I say hi to everyone and sit next t my husband. I start to eat and eat like the whole time I'm there! I don't know why I was so hungry!

Well we had a great time dancing and eating and having fun! It's so much fun! I love it there. Josh's mom also came too so it was really cool for her and Manuel to come! Joshs dad and step mom was there too so it was kinda awkward to have them all in the same place! The band was really awesome. Sometimes... LOL. So we basically dance all night and take pictures and just have some fun! I loved it a lot. Drinks were also only $1.25 for Wells so I was definitely on my drink tonight! I loved it!

We leave around 2am and we go to Jack in the Box and get some food! Yummy. Then we went to bed. But Josh had to go to work at 5am. It's a good thing that we didn't drive all the way home for like 30 minutes. That would've sucked!

The next day, Josh went to work and I went to church with my cousin! It's was alright. Not too bad, they sang a lot which I liked but my cousins was seriously trying to like pimp me out to these people and get me to sing for them or something. It was quite funny but I miss my own church so I don't think I'm gonna go back.

When Josh gets back we head over to Traders Village with his family. It was alright. Not too exciting. It's basically this huge ass freaking flea market. Josh's mom bought us matching watches but Joshs is white and mine is like a maroon color which I love! The corn was pretty good too! lol. Bu

t thats pretty much it!


  1. Wow, that sounds like one very busy weekend!
    Nice pictures :D

  2. Whutta hectic schedule you've had...whew!

    NIce fun photos! :)

  3. I love that you are so tight with your cousins

  4. LOL! The picture with you dancing with your hands in the air made me laugh out loud! You're so cuteee!! :D
    Sounds like a fun weekend :)

  5. @Jag Yes sir! I had a huge schedule that weekend! it was crazy!

    @jamiesmiles Thanks so much! We are very close.

    @Jodie-Ann I know! It made me laugh too! LOLOLOL I tried!

  6. @nowitzki tramonto Thank you! It was a lot of fun! =]


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