Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Something flavorful...


There been so much going on since I last blogged on here. My mother came. Josh started a new job. We are looking for another place to live.

I feel like I'm breaking y'all. Draining is more like it. I can't get my head focused on one thing at a time. I don't have the motivation to work out, I don't have the motivation to blog, I don't have the motivation to clean... I feel like I'm just a sad who is going into depression.

My husband makes me happy, yes. But I feel lost inside... I don't know what I'm doing with my life and I don't know how to make it any better. I'm doing what I want to do but I'm not living the way I want to live... I don't even feel like I'm progressing that much.

I feel like I'm in a deep bind that I just cannot get out of... how much longer so I have to suffer?

Why do we want things more and more and desire the most fruitful things?

I want to move. I don't like staying here, but I don't wanna move so quickly. People think that because you just start with an opportunity that you can just move on from it once you have it. Can we not just take some time to bask in the happiness that we achieved? Can we not try to be happy for what we have? Why move on to things that we know we are not ready for? I don't want to fall from grace. Ignorance maybe bliss but I am well aware of the consequences and that time, effort and money that we are going to be putting ourselves into.

My mind is stressed out and I want to live happily... not keep going on wishful thinking. There's only so much wishful thinking people can do before reality comes crashing down and shows you what life is really about... the hard times and the never ending fight to become what you want to me. I'm not ready to move on to better things just to get knocked back down.

Tell me what to do guys.


  1. i think if moving is stressing you, maybe stay as you are. There is nothing wrong with staying in a happy place. So long as it is not a rut. Basking in happiness without moving on. Apreciating what you accheived so far./ I think that be a healthy spot to give yourself a breather. JMHO. If you cannot take time to enjoy your successes it can feel like you are getting no where. Workaholics.

  2. Yeah I think that we need to stay as we are as well. Just for a bit longer. You know what I mean? It sucks when all you do is try to work for newer and better things and not appreciating the joys in life that you have. I would like to stay here for at least six months. Get things situated for a while, knows that we are moving on and that it's gonna be worth it... not going into something blindly.

  3. I agree with jamiessmiles XD I'd be saying the same thing over again, haha.

  4. just for a bit longer. maybe to give time to figure things out clearly. one step at a time :)

  5. When I get to feeling like you, I try and just STOP and look at what is going on around me. It's easier so see what you should do if you're not already doing something.


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