Thursday, February 3, 2011

Story of the day: Ice in Texas?!?!?!

So basically it's been FREEZING FREEZING cold the past couple of days. It totally sucks ass. I don't like it one bit. First of all, our electricity bill is gonna SKY ROCKET because the heater has been on since Monday night.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I woke up Tuesday morning. Just randomly on Monday night there was this huge ice storm that done JACKED us up. The next day it was HELLUH freezing with ice everywhere. It was ridiculous at how much sleet covered the floor. I was freezing and my husbands job canceled on him so we just sat at home watching movies and starved to death.

I remembered that I needed to cash my check from my job so I excitedly told my husband that we needed to go to WalMart and cash it, then we can go and get something to eat. We left the apartment bundled up in multiple shirts and sweaters, jeans over pajamas, triple layers of socks and scarves wrapped around our faces. Right when the cold air hit our faces we were shivering! Frozen to the bone! We got into the car and I started the ignition and we waited for the heater to kick in. I remembered that we needed to put air in the tires so we decided to stop at QuikTrip.

As I reversed the truck and when I put my foot down on the brake, my truck slipped and I almost hit the truck behind me! Whew! It was so close. My husband voiced his concern throughout the whole ride to the gas station. It was wretched. It sucked because I was slipping and sliding a little. When I took the left turn to pull into the gas station, I skidded a little. And that's when he freaked out the most. Or maybe it was when we were parking and I couldn't stop and I hit the curb? I don't remember. He was freaking out like crazy though. So while I was putting air in the tires we changed plans and headed home instead.

Hours later, I thought about it and you know, it's warmer outside, the sun has been shining so yeah, you would think that it would be nice right? WRONG! I started driving towards Wal Mart and around our apartment is a Burger Box, but before you reach the Burger Box you have to go over this slight hill. When I say slight, I mean just a couple feet. Being safe, I drive slowly over the hill and right after the hill there's the Burger Box right on the corner of an intersection.

As I'm coming over the hill, I see sleet ALL OVER THE ROAD! I gently pumped my brakes and my truck started skidding again! As soon as the truck goes over the ice, I guess the bevels in the ice were pulling my truck to the right and into the curb! I panicked a little, but keeping my cool I hit the curb and get stuck with the left tires on the floor, and the right tires on top of the drive way. Man, I was stuck for ten minutes trying to get out of the damn place man! So after minutes of reversing and accelerating I finally pull out of it and head to Wal mart.

When I get there, it's like a damn skating rink! I just slip and slide around the parking lot! I was so nervous to park because I absolutely, positively did NOT want to hit any of the cars so I park as far as I can, and just ease on the brake and let the truck slide it's way into a spot. Gah! It was crazy!

Finally, I cashed my check. Which lost me $40 because of a fee and then I bought some groceries and went home. The drive home was a lot easier, I took the freeway. Apparently, they keep the freeways all cleaned up and nice so it took my half the time getting home and it was more convenient. Thankfully, I got home and I cooked Buffalo Wings and we sat at home and watched The Losers. It was a good night. =]


  1. Pfft, you wimps scared of a little ICE?
    You come to Canada THEN talk to me about the cold and ice. Pssshhh.

    Haha, but seriously, that suckss. This is such a strange winter, its like half the world is freezing over or something. We all gon' diee.

  2. It's crazy! I wouldn't go to Canada unless I had too! I absolutely HATE the cold weather! It's horrible!


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