Thursday, March 17, 2011

NEW BLOGGG! Please change your links!

Hey guys! I moved my blog to a different location. I felt like it would be better for me to move. I need a change and in order to fulfill my goals, I definitely need to change. Especially if I'm gonna become a graphic designer, I need a host that will be able to let me be more creative with my themes. Even though the template that is up right now wasn't made by me, it is a temporary one for now!

So here it is! My new blog!


  1. So you won't be blogging here anymore? :(

  2. awww. that's okay. i'll visit you in your new blog :)

  3. Yes! Please follow me! I have the Google Friend Connect on there as well so you can still have my updates on your blogger. And I will check my blogger so I can view y'alls to! =]

  4. Haha, can't get rid of me I follow your ass... ummm in a purely non-sexual way, of course.

  5. D: I'll miss you on blogger. D;

  6. @jamie haha! you are too funny! glad I can't get rid of you!

    @jodie ima miss you too!! =]


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