Monday, March 14, 2011

Ongoing thoughts about my future goals...

I feels like my list of goals just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I always feel like I want to do more, but I'm afraid that maybe I'll just take on too many things and crack! Ugh! It's so frustrating to me. But anyways, this is what I'm thinking. I really want to work my two jobs. Get a degree in Graphic Design as well as become a Yoga Teacher/Music Instructor. How will I accomplish this is gonna be a pain... I'm trying to figure out how I'm gonna pull this all together.

My schedule right now is:

Work Schedule: M, W, F - Instructor; T, Th, Sat - Receptionist
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
4pm-8pm 945am-7pm 4pm-730pm 945am-7pm NONE 945am-7pm NONE

And I found a place in Colleyville that does Power Yoga classes on Friday morning which I could definitely do to get started on getting in shape and being familiar with the poses so that NEXT YEAR, when I have more money and am stable, I can start doing teacher training for my license to teach Yoga!

So that's my plan for the Yoga. For the Graphic Design, I called the Arts Institute of Fort Worth and I am planning to meet up with them next Monday to tour the campus and see what it's like. I would like to go part-time on the mornings of Mondays and Wednesdays and take classes then because that would help me out as well. But I definitely need to talk to them to see if I can do that and how much it would cost me. I am in need of financial aid.

What do you guys think? Good plan or am I in over my head?


  1. Sounds like a handful, but I think you can definitely do it! You're gonna be super busy

  2. Any plan is a good one! I study full time but still have a job and in the past I've had other jobs too. (Though I could work from home so it wasn't so bad.)

    If your heart lies in yoga and graphics design, do it! If you're having doubts it won't be too cool if you go ahead with it, but I'm sure you will work at finding something that fits if that is the case. I used to want to be a ballet teacher but after getting that qualification I didn't want to spend time teaching. Our plans don't always go to plan... but it's good to have a sense of direction. :)

    PS. It was just a 3GS I lost, but an iPhone all the same. $1000 outright... damn. Hopefully you find a job to get some monies! ;)

  3. This is so awesome! I hope you have fun with it :D

  4. @ashley I know! I most definitely AM! I am very excited, it's gonna be great!

    @Jeorgina Thats cool that you could work from home! I wish that I could do that. I'm very happy to have a plan and very lucky to have come up with it. I just feel like it's time now for me to go after my goals.

    My heart lies in so many things. I feel like my life won't be complete until I complete all of my objectives. I am also currently filming a movie and writing songs so I can make an album.

    DAYUM! $1000 off the bat that got stolen sucks! I hope that you get a good phone!

    @Jodie-Ann thanks so much girlie! =]

  5. Good luck on your goals! If you work hard enough, I'm sure you'll be able to do whatever you want! :) I really wanted to do graphic design, too, and applied to a high school and college that offered it. I like it!


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