Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cars cars cars

So yesterday, Josh dad came over to do the brakes on our truck and man oh man did he do a great job. The brakes feel so much better and safer now. Mind you, it IS only the front brakes that he fixed so we definitely need to go get the rear brakes checked out, but that's okay. At least we will be safe on the road for a good while.

Yesterday we went to our Goddaughters bday party at a friends house and my cousin came! I was actually quite shocked that she came. But she is a good cousin! LOL. She bought her a cute little outfit that she wore today.

The party was alright, we were just sitting around eating while we watched the other kids run around and play which was kinda fun. We did cake and presents and took a lot of pictures. I haven't been able to put them up yet but I will soon.

After that we hung out with my cousins and sang and had a good time. I miss hanging out with my cousins, we always have a good time. They are so funny and just fun to be around.

Today we went to go get a new tire for my truck. Well we didn't get a NEW new tire but we went to Glenn and Jerry's, which is a junkyard and we got a used tire but it's in pretty condition and it was only 10 bucks so I was pretty happy with it! The only problem was that it didn't come with a rim. We just got the tire so we tried to go to an auto shop to ask them if they could exchange tired for me because one of my tires is about to have a blow out. Shocker. BUT none of them are open on Sundays! Oh well, I guess we will go tomorrow.

Blah. At least things are going by better.

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