Friday, May 20, 2011

It's like it never stops!

Okay so today is just the topping off the fucking cake. So since my truck has been fucking up a lot and the brakes finally went out we have been using our roommates car to get around. So today was a pretty busy day, I dropped our roommate off at work, then dropped off my honey at work as well. Then went to the library and fucked around on the internet since we don't have internet internet at home. After that, my roommate called and asked me to take her to the mall to help her pick up a tutu and an outfit for tonight because it's her birthday.

Well we do all of those things and it's later in the day and we just got home from running errands and I'm about to go and pick up Josh when her car doesn't start! FUCK man! At first we thought that the battery died, but some guy helped us jump it and it still didn't work so we found out that it was the starter! And so we feel at a loss because Josh is waiting outside of his job for us. So I'm scrambling around trying to call people to find him a ride home and I finally call our friend and he agrees but he is still a ways away.

So we finally pick him up an hour after he gets out and now we are trying to get him to work tomorrow and his Dad is also supposed to fix our truck tomorrow. So hopefully everything will work out.

Why is all of this happening to us? Is God testing us? Sigh. I guess all we can do is try to get by and stay positive.


  1. Problems always seem to come in bunches. I hope it all works out ok and things settle down for a while.

  2. When you go through all of this, you will become stronger! Stay strong Adrian!


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