Thursday, May 19, 2011

My car broke down again

But yesterday was a very stressful day. Yes, my car broke down.... well actually the brakes went out.

I was already at Walmart and my husband was on his way to pick me up when the brakes stopped working while he was parking and so he hit a truck in front of him. Its not like it did any damage. All it did was move the truck up a couple feet. Ugh.

But then we had no rides anywhere so my cousin dropped us him off at our apartment and me too work, which is only a couple of blocks, THANK GOD from my apartment.

I felt bad because Josh walked from the apartment to my job, to pick up money, and then back to the Walmart which was an easy 3 or 4 miles away. Poor guy, I had to massage him when I got home.

He called his Dad and had a friend tow the truck back to the apartment which was like 50 bucks. Totally worth it because other places were charging us $45 JUST TO TAKE IT OFF THE LOT then plus mileage. Which is some crazy shit!

Joshs dad said he knew how to fix the truck but couldn't until Saturday so he told us to buy the parts which is easily gonna cost us like 200 bucks. =[. So sad. Oh well. Gotta get through the tough times to get to the good times.

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  1. That sucks Adrian! But just try to ride over the waves and don`t get sucked under!


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