Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Still looking... writing a book....

So I'm still looking for another job. I do still have my teaching job but it's just not cutting it. I love it and I don't wanna let go of it but it is taking up some of my time. I just wish that I could get more students to teach so that it can't help me pay for the Yoga Teacher Training course I wanna take next month!

But I've also been looking at other opportunities with it as well. Trying to find another part-time job for the fall so that I can help pay for it too.

It's $350/mo or $2,000. I'm going more for the $350/mo. because my financial situation doesn't allow me to just pull 2,000 outta my ass.

One of my friends just opened up a clinic in Killeen, which is a couple hours away by train. It's gonna be $21 to go there. She wants me to go and help her train her new employee's, which I am totally down to do and she is gonna give me some money to help her out. It would be awesome to do that for a couple of days and get to get some money? Heck yeah I'll do it. I most definitely need to save it for my classes. Well some of it. I still have lots to pay on as well. =/.

I asked my mom and dad to pay for it as well and my step-dad said that he would. But I kinda regret asking just because I don't want to feel like a burden. But then again, if they are helping me do it then that is awesome that they want to help me. Then I can get my certification to be a teacher and I can teach it to other people and hopefully open up my own studio! But that's just a dream of mine...

So what I'm thinking is maybe my parents can pay for 2 months, which would be August (for my birthday) and December (for X-Mas) which would totally be okay with me, just that they are helping me out. Maybe I can get my dad in Guam to help out too and pay for one of the months. Which would equal out to 3 months. And then just suck it up and save and pay for the remaining months myself. And possibly ask everyone for a donation or birthday present of some money to help pay for my classes too. What do y'all think?

Well, on another note, Josh is writing another one of his short stories or books or whatever. I'm so excited for him to do that! But the only thing I don't like about it is that he never finishes! I really hope he does this time. He is such a great writer. The best in my opinion, but that might be just because I'm biased. LOL. Jk. No really he is amazing and I hope he finishes this one!

Gah! Gotta get back to figuring out how to get more money! Wish me luck!

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