Monday, May 30, 2011

Want me wherever you go?

Have you guys seen any of my videos and just LOVED it and wanted to put some of my cover's (or originals) on your iPod and listen to my soothing voice wherever you go? LOL. JK JK. Not to sound overly full of myself but I'm just saying, if you guys would like to hear any of my covers or have a request, PLEASE let me know!

Soon, I will be making MP3's of some covers I've done, or any cover's y'all would like to hear and putting them up on here for FREE downloading! I'm really trying to get my voice out there and heard and I thought the best way of doing it was to make FREE MP3's for everyone to download!

You think this might be a good idea?

The first one I have is of the video "My Everything" by Randolph Permejo.

Download Mp3 "My Everything" - Adrey (Cover) feat. Zhatair


  1. Awesome Adrian. What a great way to get it out there.

  2. Adrian, I never thought to ask, but have you considered submitting one of your performances to Gallery No. 3?

    Your voice would be very welcome there :)

  3. It's a great idea.
    I would love to have a cover of yours on my MP3. ^_^

    You should get people to post your vids on their wall, so that all types of people can hear your voice :)

  4. @jamiesmiles thank you mucho grande! I definitely need my shit out there!

    @Diego Oh wow! I definitely did not know that! Be ready for hundreds of videos being sent your way! LOL.

    @Writing Junkie Thank you much grande! You can definitley download my cover! I'm gonna be putting up a whole bunch more up here for EVERYONE to download!


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