Friday, July 29, 2011

Patience, little sister

I don't know if you have seen that movie but the title to this blog is from the movie version of the Broadway musical, Dream Girls! I absolutely love that movie! Jennifer, Beyonce and the girl from the Princess and the Frog were really great in this movie. BUT that is not what this blog post is about...

What this blog post is about is just updates to my normal life!

Today I had a working interview with an Optometrist's office. It went really well. I was there for longer than I anticipated. I felt like a learned quite a lot there. I did a little bit of entering some information and I did ask a couple of questions so I felt like I did try to learn the system of how everything worked. It was quite different than the places I have worked before. The machines are more advanced, the scheduling/exam system is a lot more complicated than the one I am used too so I believe that it's gonna take some work, IF I do get hired. Which I really hope that I will.

My husband got promoted to Full-Time today! That's so exciting! He's been waiting for it for a long time and I am just so glad that they decided to give it to him! He works so hard and he really deserves it. That means more hours and bonuses at the end of the month! So more money for us! Especially if I get this job, it's just gonna be perfect for us.

Then we can definitely save up quite a bit of money. We still have to pay for Josh's place ticket to Arizona for Thanksgiving. With this money, we can definitely save up and more!

My mom is also giving us one of her cars during Thanksgiving as well, which I'm totally excited for. It's a Toyota Avalon. I don't know what year it is but it's has quite a bit of miles on it, which is okay. I hear it runs like a champ and my step dad is gonna put a tune-up on it before he gives it to us! Plus, it's only gonna be about $200/mo. for I think a year, which is definitely not bad at all!

Things are looking up for us and I believe that we definitely have been through some tough times. With two tires blowing out on us and replacing all 4 tires, I think that we deserve a break. I'm kind of thankful that it happened and we got through it because it really shows that we can take care of ourselves if we just have a positive mindset and look forward to the possibilities, and remind ourselves that there are so much more worse things going on in the world. Don't take anything for granted.

I hope that things will keep on this steady path to success. It might be slow but as we keep progressing, we find out more about ourselves and the strengths that we can achieve if we strive for it.

Until next time!


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