Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Review: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

First of all, this show is hilarious. Of course, anything created by Tina Fey is hilarious. Robert Carlock also serves as co-creator. Ellie Kemper, you know the girl who keeps talking about having a husband on Bridesmaids, stars in this Netflix show as Kimmy Schmidt whom is one of the four women who was lured sometime in the 90s into a bunker someplace and has been told that the apocalypse was on 06/06/2006. She was held there for 15 years before they get rescued and sent back to their normal lives. However, after an interview with Matt Lauer in New York, she has an epiphany than she does not want to go back to her hometown and wants to live and adjust to the world in New York City. Equipped with an "almost" 8th grade education, she meets Titus, a crazed and broke but talented singer who needs a roommate and their land lady, Lillian. She also gets a job with socialite Mrs. Voorhees who is played by the HILARIOUS Jane Krakowski. There is also some cool supporting characters, like the other three "Mole Women". One who is Kimmy's best friend, one who is still stuck in the bunker and there is a Hispanic lady as well. Buckley, who is Jackie's son, Xanthippe, the spoiled step-daughter, and  Charles, Buckley's cute tutor.

This show is so funny. I think that they did such a great job with the script and Ellie and Jane do absolutely fantastic comedic performances! Kimmy is such a great and bubbly character who is mostly still stuck back in the 90s because that's all that she knows. I can see her struggle with herself as a kid as well a woman that is 29 years old and the show really does a great job giving her a few seconds to evaluate herself and her environment and what she needs to do and what she thinks is right. She didn't have a mirror so in the episode where she meets Mrs. Voorhees plastic surgeon she looks in a mirror and sees herself pretty much for the first time, at least that we see on the show.  I'm only on a few episodes in so I'm really excited to see how she progresses throughout the show.

Mrs. Voorhees is probably my favorite character of the show. She is so crazy. I feel so bad for her because she just wants to do a good job and be a good mother and a good wife and her husband is out of town and just keeps postponing coming home. She holds her heart on her shoulder which I love. She is also eccentric and over the top fun to watch. I love positivity from the outside looking in, where she would smile and do poses to make herself feel better. It's a great concept. I envy that she has a lot of money though, it would be great to be able to hire anyone under the table and be able to go to pilates classes and plastic surgery and just do what you want. My favorite so far was the episode where we found out that she is actually Native American and she stand up to her step daughter, who is a huge menace and I absolutely loathe her character, when she acts out against Kimmy and Mrs. Voorhees tells her that her past doesn't matter, that people come to New York and try to help themselves. I think she sees herself a little in Kimmy.

Titus is also really funny. He kind of reminds myself of me, who is a struggling singer with an immense amount of talent that is broke and still trying to work on acquiring his dream. It was sad to hear that he has such a great voice and that he hasn't sang publicly in three years. I think the thing that reminds myself of his the most is that when someone talks or asks a question or makes a statement, he sings out response. I do the same dang thing and I love how I can relate to that. It makes it so much funnier to see it on TV. Also, he used to be skinny and cute and I did too. It sucks that he has tried out for the past how many years and has not gotten his big break yet. It reminds me of how I tried out for American Idol twice and for Glee and didn't make it. So close... yet so far.

Like I said, I'm only a few episodes in and so far I love it. I think the acting is great, the characters are great and it reminds me of the fun sitcoms that they had before like Ugly Betty. I can't wait to watch the rest of the show, I highly recommend it to people who love comedy and quirky and fun shows but have drama to it and character development. Watch the entire season on Netflix and let me know what you guys think of the show!

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