Monday, March 23, 2015

Scary Movies

Do you guys like scary movies? My husband and I have been searching and searching for scary movies on Hulu Plus. We ended up not finding anything and just watching some short films on YouTube and Vimeo. It's been so hard looking for something good and scary to watch. My husband and I are huge movie buffs and we love a good scare. Well, he does more than me.

I love scary movies. I hate getting scared.

Josh loves watching scary movies with me because I get scared so easily. If we are watching a scary movie in a movie theater, I will literally starting jumping and screaming at the top of my lungs and people will stare and laugh at me. I just it's okay if I'm entertaining peoples. LOL.

My favorite scary movie is... well I don't really have one but I do love the Paranormal Activity movies and the Insidious movies. I know, so Millenial of me. I just can't remember any older scary movies that I really enjoyed. The Exorcism of Emily Rose is pretty good. Orphan, where the little girl that terrorizes a family after a miscarriage was pretty creepy and thrilling. The only real scary movie that comes to mind is more of a suspense/thriller, and that is Stigmata. Growing up in the catholic church and then watching that movie was terrifying. But not as terrifying as knowing all about the catholic church now. We tried watching the original Evil Dead and Exorcism but nowadays, it just seemed comical to us.

Josh is really the person that is looking for the scary movie. He is really into it for some reason. He hasn't seen a good, terrifying, horror movie in a long time. It's probably been years. He didn't really like the Paranormal or Insidious movies. He likes old school scary movies from the 90s. He is obsessed with finding a scary movie that is up to his standards but everything is just lackluster. He doesn't really have a specific type of scary movie that he is looking for. Maybe we will try the asian scary movies. We will see. I am looking forward to seeing Unfriended. That looks like a pretty good mix of torture porn, Saw, mixed with Paranormal Activity 4.

 So what movies would you guys recommend? Have y'all seen any scary movies that kept you up at night? What kind of scary movies do you guys like?


  1. Lol N and I don't watch horror flicks - in fact, he is even quite averse to watching anything that seems remotely ominous - like Edward Scissorhands which I love, but he was like, "this movie is fucked up" lol.

    We prefer silly dumb movies most of the time like The Other Woman, Walk of Shame, shit like that.

    1. LOL! Horror flicks are so much fun! Edward Scissorhands was a great movie! It was a quirky and fun movie that had a lot of heart in it. Johnny Depp is an outstanding actor and he really committed to that role. It was a little fucked up but the message was interesting.

      The Other Woman was FABULOUS! I loved Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann. I think that Leslie did the best job though. Her freak out whenever she found out her husband cheated and went to Cameron's job and caused a scene was just top notch... probably because I probably would have done the same thing. Nicki Minaj was also really good in it.


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