Sunday, March 22, 2015

In Your Eyes - Movie Review

Image is from Vimeo.Com, it is the image for the trailer for the movie.

I just finished watching this movie on Netflix. Overall, it was a pretty good movie. A little awkward at times but perfectly understandable. I think that is what the director was going for. It's basically a movie about this woman and this man who are telepathic and are able to hear what each other is saying. It's actually really sweet as you see the two individuals unravel their truths and help each other through their struggles. They were actually telepathic ever since they were kids, he remembers whenever she had her first boyfriend and she remembers when he got beat up because they can even feel each other as well as see what each other is seeing as well.
The movie is mostly their conversations about their lives and getting to know one another after they both freak out from noticing each other in their heads. When I was watching this I kept thinking to myself, "That would be so cool to be telepathic with someone." Especially during the part where he is asking for help on questions in a magazine. I was thinking that that would be cool for help on like a test or interview or something. Except it starts to get really weird.
They are having really personal talks about seeing who they are, their surroundings, she even helps him pick up a girl for a date. Then, he even starts talking to her right after she has sex with her husband and tells her that she smells nice and that she is a little sweaty. I told you that it's weird.
It has it's redeeming parts though. The script is pretty good. I liked the romance and the story behind it. It was really interesting seeing how everyone else saw them too. Her friend and her husband think that she is having an affair and then his job fires hm because he is scaring all the customers with his imaginary friends. In the end, I was really rooting for both of them as a couple because it was just so sweet. And I love those cheesy romance movies. It almost made me cry. Not your typical love story. Very original. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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