Friday, December 18, 2009

Dallas is wack.

ughh. so basically im here blogging at a Christmas Party for some lawyers at the Old Red Musuem here in Dallas and its super wack. theres good food... and tea and stuff but the music goes crappy to good to crappy so im like... on and off the dancefloor. then this mexican music came on and I went with a coworker onto the floor and i told her i didnt want too. I didnt want to go up because I dont know how to dance to that kind of music. So friggin Santa Claus comes and takes my friend away from me! Asshole. He also made me hold his shit. I wasnt having it so I took some pictures and set his shit on the floor. he can pick it up himself. dick.

So we're just waiting here for the doctor to come and buy us drinks. We're gonna need a lot to get this party started.

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