Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Top 5 Favorite Movies

Hey guys, guess what? I'm sitting here watching Prince of Egypt and crocheting. It's exciting huh? LOL. Well anyways, I wanted to share with you guys my top 5 Favorite movies. Here is goes!

5. Deep Impact

I absolutely love this movie. Every time I see it I bawl my eyes out. Elijah Wood was such a cute kid. He looks the same after all these years. Lee Lee is also beautiful as well. I'm jealous. This movie is like Armageddon but for some reason I like this movie more. It's about a kid who sees what looks like a star, I think? or a comet or planet or something and then they find out that it's a huge rock plummeting to Earth. The part that gets me is the part where the blind guy talk to his girlfriend and little baby for the first time and they are crying to each other. I start crying so hard at that part! Such a touching movie! I recommend it if your staying in on a cold and rainy day.

4. Glitter

A lot of you guys thought this was gonna be number one huh? NOT!!! I love this movie too. I know, a lot of you guys are like... WTF? Why is this on there? This was such a horrible movie! I beg to differ. I absolutely love Mariah Carey and I think she does a decent job of acting in this. It's not too bad. The music in this movie is fantastic, especially her ballads. I love stories of people becoming famous and the troubles they go through. The romance could have been better but I still like it. Never Too Far melts my heart and she has an amazing voice. Two thumbs up for me. Another plus is I have a memory about this movie in which a friend of mine and I looked all around town trying to find this movie because we loved it so much, LOL.

3. The Harry Potter Movies

I love these movies. I know I said 5 movies and in this series there already 7 with one more coming out, but I love these movies. I love watching these movies and seeing the characters grow up. For me, I'm a visual person so I like the movies, but I have read the books and they are very good. These are very epic movies and I could sit around and watch them all day. Also, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint are super majorly hott and should make out sometime.

2. Dirty Love

This is one of the funniest movies ever. I love it a lot. Jenny McCarthy's humor is so odd and matches mine a lot as well. Carmen Electra plays a black girl and does it really well, it's so funny. The story is funny too. It's about a girl who finds her cheating boyfriend with another woman and looks for a one night stand. I can quote this entire movie from memory, it's sick. My friends and I used to have so many inside jokes about this movie and we would watch it everyday.

1. The Litte Mermaid

Now if you are a friend of mine, then you should know that this is my absolute favorite movie ever. It was my first movie I ever remember watching and I actually have this really embarrassing story about this movie. My cousins and aunts and whatnot would actually put a towel around my legs and put me in a bathtub and I would sing the songs from the little mermaid. I remembered all of the songs and would always sing them everywhere. My cousins said that it was my favorite thing to do. Even to this day I love watching that movie.

Well thats it's these are my favorite movies. I hope you guys liked them. Tell me what your favorite movies are and let me know. My husband is calling me (literally) and telling me to come to bed. So i'll talk to you guys later! =]


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