Monday, January 24, 2011

New Layout! Inspiration is hard to find.

As a lot of you guys know, inspiration is one of the hardest things to come by. Most people spend days, weeks, months, years looking for inspiration and it's so hard to come by it most of the time. Some people can come up with anything and work off of that and inspiration will come naturally. Unfortunately for me, I try to find inspiration, but it just never comes! I have to be super vulnerable or sad or just over emotional for something to come to me. It sucks really. Maybe sometimes, it'll come out of nowhere and I'll write a song in less than 10 minutes. Isn't that crazy? I think so.

Well, I put up a new layout for my blog. It is a small little banner that someone made for me. If you have been to my YouTube Channel you would recognize it. I like it and decided to put it as the background.

I'm not very good with designing websites. When I was younger, I was all into that and I would design many things but then I just lost touch with it when I moved around a lot. I wish I knew how to do it. I mean, I know what I want from my blog and my website but I feel like I just cannot muster up the creativity to fix it up. I just do not have that ability to do that.

I'm trying to think of a niche for my blog. I know that I don't want to really just limit myself to one thing and go about my life just working off of it. I feel that's too constricting of my talents. But I do need something that I can focus on and write about that people will come back too. It seems as if i'm just writing randomly and life is just changing too much for me to put everything I want to down into a blog. So I just need to focus on smaller things. What should I write about more often?

- Weight Loss, Dieting, Health and Exercising
- Dating, Relationships and being married
- Music, Singing and tips on singing
- Arts, and Crafts, mostly crocheting
- Recipes
- Technology, phones, software, computers
- Reviews on books
- Fashion


  1. I really like the layout. And the topics I really like are:
    - Dating, Relationships and being married
    - Weight Loss, Dieting, Health and Exercising
    - Reviews on books
    But, you don't HAVE to make a niche or anything. Like, my blog for example, doesn't talk about any one thing. I blog about everything. Some people, like variety. :)

  2. I like the first three topics(especially as singing is your forte and passion), and fashion of course :)
    I'm terrible for finding inspiration/motivation for posting...bleh


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