Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Falling in Love: The story of how I met my husband Part 1

It was the end of 2008. I had just moved to Texas from Arizona. I was staying with my cousin in her house in which we agreed I could stay in until I found a job and got enough money to find a place on my own.

So a couple of months after I moved. I met Josh on MySpace. I don't remember how we became friends on there. But i'm pretty sure that he added me first. So let's just go with that. Anyways, we started talking a little bit. I had already met a guy but it was a bust because he wasn't looking for anything serious. I was. I really wanted to come to Texas and start over.

In Arizona, I had my fair share of dating and relationship with guys. Some were just silly little flings and then very few were actually relationships. I really tried but it seemed like Tucson was just too small a city. Seriously. It was like everyone knew everyone. Which I disliked a lot. I wanted someone whom wasn't with anyone else that I knew. Or cheated on me with one of my friends. So that was a fraction of the reason I moved to Texas as well.

I still had some guys numbers that I would occasionally talk to. Mostly if I felt lonely and/or horny I did. But I always felt guilty after talking/texting/webcamming with them. I know, it's trashy but I didn't know anyone in Texas and I hadn't had sex in literally 2 years so I did everything I could to keep me sexually satisfied.

Josh and I started exchanging messages on MySpace for a couple of weeks. He would flirt with my by posting inappropriate song lyrics as subjects of messages we were sending to each other, and I didn't know that they were songs so I just said some inappropriate things back! That was our way of flirting with each other I guess.

So maybe I want to say 2 months pass by and we are still talking on MySpace. We exchanged numbers but he didn't have a cell phone so he would use his moms to text me and his house phone to call.

I remember that I was really nervous when I first talked to him, although I tried to play it off cool. It was really nice hearing his voice. We talked all night and fell asleep on the phone to each other. I really started connecting with this guy and I felt like he was connecting with me. It was really nice.

Then one day, it was Easter of 2009. I had just gotten home from our Filipino-American get together Easter party whatever thing at the park and, of course, Josh and I were texting. He then texts me that he wants some candy. I tell him I don't know any but he tells me that it was just an excuse for him to tell me that he wanted me to come over.

I was so ecstatic at this, yet extremely nervous. I was scared to actually meet him face-to-face. So I put some candy in my pocket and left to ge see him. I really wanted to take that chance...


  1. HOOOOW CUTE....waiting for part 2...

  2. Thank you! I'm gonna put up part two in a couple of days. =]

  3. That is so sweet. I hear you about no one being serious when you are. I feel like that sometimes. Crazy small gay population here. Everybody knows and knows each other. Never mind 7 degrees of separation, we are lucky if we have 3.

  4. This is so cute! :D I can't wait to read the rest :D

  5. hey prodigy, thtz one cute love story.

  6. Omg, you can't just stop there!
    Write part 2, now!
    haha, loved it :D

  7. D'awww, adorable :)

  8. @jamiessmiles OMFG don't you hate it? It's so lame! LOL

    @JodieAnn Thanks! I am gonna write it soon enough! It's gonna take a couple days for me to remember the details! LOL

    @meandmythinkingcap Thank you! I try!

    @PurpleMist LOL soon enough I will put it up! Patience is a virtue!

    @Ashley thanks so much!


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