Friday, February 11, 2011

NEW SONG: Lady Gaga's "Born This Way"

Hey guys! Have you heard the new lead single off of Lady Gaga's upcoming album? It's called "Born This Way" and it came out yesterday! It's a great song. It's very madonna-esque. People say that it reminds them of Express Yourself... in which, yes it does but it I feel it's a tribute to Madonna. Because Madonna was the first to really break rules, and tell people it's okay to be who you are and Lady Gaga is just taking that and putting her own spin on it.

Everything Lady Gaga touches is gold. She is like a Modern Monster Queen Midas. This song has hit #1 on iTunes in 20 countries! And it just came out today! Wow! What an accomplishment for Lady Gaga, and she totally deserves it with this song.

It has a FANTASTIC beat to it that just makes you wanna dance to it. The message is so sincere and inspiring! It's another anthem for people who are different to just be happy with who you are. Just like Katy Perry's "Firework" and Ke$ha's "We R Who We R" in that sense. But Lady Gaga really does it in with this song because she calls out the races, and orientation and just everyone in general so most people can say it applies to them, if not all.

I love her little homage to Vogue in the bridge of the song. It's really cool. Then there's the little a capella section at the end in which she harmonizes with and it just ends the song on a happy note.

I am in love with this song so much and I AM gonna be putting up a cover on YouTube so watch out for that this weekend! It's gonna be amazing!


  1. That was kind of nice... Oh my I'm thinking about conspiracy again... because he said at first capital H-I-M.. i mean.. what does that mean.. hahaha.. okay I'm gonna stop but that music was fun to dance with

  2. I love this song. And it is not a conspiracy but she is definitely talking about H-I-M because in the second verse, she sings, "Believe Capital H-I-M."

  3. Ohhh!!!
    You changed your blog theme color thing! Looks nice ^__^

    I like this song. Lady GaGa turns everything itno money and Gold. SOme people just can not understand how great she is. If you read up her background info she was known as a child prodigy. You both have that in common I guess lolz.


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