Friday, February 11, 2011

Fridays Advice Column: People who feel sorry for themselves.

Hey guys! So today's topic is Sad people. It depresses me. Do you guys like it when people start hating themselves? It's extremely depressing.

Whenever I go on my Facebook there's always some depressing ass person who is trolling around saying stuff about they hate themselves, FML and that they are so disappointed with themselves. It really irks me when people do that. I mean, I do get that feeling some times but I'm trying to be positive in situations like that.

I'm sure that people are so caught up in their emotions and that's what makes them think that way, but here's what I think: If you are feeling that way, do something about it.

I'm sure that people could have said that they could've handled a situation differently and that's okay but people shouldn't beat themselves up over it.

If it's something as devastating as breaking up with someone then there's a little more lee-way for that. I don't think you should feel sorry for yourself. It just didn't work out, or you were cheated on or whatever your situation, it really just depends on how you deal with it.

So here's a thing for people, if your feeling down, listen to a song you like, or read something inspiring or go out and take a walk. Do something productive that will keep your mind off of it, and once your not so vulnerable and emotional you can think clearly and see what the problem is.

It's really hard to do that sometimes but people should really push through it. Cry and cry and cry but once you feel like you wanna get out of that take my advice and keep a positive outlook on life. Don't beat yourself over something that is either inevitable or just didn't work out.


  1. It's not as easy as you say here. It's not easy to just take your mind off of your sadness. It's nearly impossible. Because no matter what you do, you'll be thinking, "I'm not doing this right. Because I never do anything right." And then that thought depresses you and you cry. So, then, you try to put your mind on something else. But, then, that just reminds you that THAT is what you're doing: putting your mind on something else. It never works. At least not for me. o__O

  2. @Jodie-Ann well that really sucks for you. It's never easy to forget or even just to get over something. I'm sure there are thing that you can do that will get you out of a very emotional state. I used to be like that, where I would cry and then do something and then cry again, but it's not healthy to do that. Your not making things better for yourself.

    What people don't realize is that life goes one, until it doesn't anymore. And until that time, you shouldn't waste your time lingering on the past. Crying is a great way to relieve stress and make you feel better, but it's just a temporary thing, people cry all the time but what they don't know how to do is move on from things and that's what my advice was. To help someone move on from their troubles.

    It might not be the easiest thing but it's still something to work on. Looking at the brighter side of things, so instead of tears of sadness, it'll be tears of happiness.

  3. I'm conflicted on this topic.

    On one side, I too hate when people moan and sulk about how much they hate themselves, over petty little things like "being too fat" or "sucking at doing well in school". Because if they hated it that much, surely they can get off their ass and WORK ON IT.

    On the other hand, I know that it can be really tough to do so. Sometimes feelings aren't moved on from so easily, and if you allow them to, they can quite easily take a hold of you and control things.

    I mean, I've been through my fair share of listening to the happiest playlist in the world and crying and stuffing my face with the nearest junkfood, but memories/thoughts aren't always so easily pushed away.

    i thought i was going somewhere with this, but i can't remember what my point was anymore.. it's 2:30AM, my mind is going fuzzy. anyway, i still like this post. doing productive things is always a good idea to distract yourself, though i find its always only temporary and never really rids you of the emotional baggage.

  4. & sorry that was such a long comment... -_-

  5. It's okay! I know exactly what you mean! That's what this post is for, to get peoples opinions on how people deal with themselves and their situations.

    I have learned from my experiences that it's easier to do something, get up and do something to get your mind off of things. Sadness isn't an emotion to linger on.

    I like to think positive in every situation. What can I learn from this? What can help me learn from my experience? How can I use this situation as a way to look at my life and not take things for granted? Just ask yourself questions that can turn a negative into a positive.

    I. in no means mean to discourage anyone about any of their situations, just try to see a positive in it. It'll help you move on or get over things. Make things easier for you, not exactly forget or drop off completely from your mind, but just so you aren't a wreck.

  6. Thank you, Adrian :) You made my day. I'll think about this hen I'm in a bad mood. :]

  7. I agree, I hate the attention seeking behavior on facebook. Probably why I am never on anymore. So sick of the boo-hoo my life sucks. Well of course it does with that attitude. I am a very positive person, and I guess I have very little sympathy for someone always crying the blues. Legit stuff is different, but if someone is not doing anything to make them and their lives better then I do not want to constantly hear about it.


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