Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day is tomorrow! =]

Yayy! Valentine's Day is tomorrow! Are you guys excited? I am!

Unfortunately, tomorrow we will not be celebrating Valentine's. My husband works from 8am to 4pm and I work from 4pm to 8pm then we are gonna go watch The Bad Girls Club at his aunts house... maybe. I don't know yet. It all depends. But since we are gonna be so busy tomorrow we decided to celebrate it tonight!

I just finished cleaning our room and it looked a HOT DAMN MESS! And now it's more spacious and looks a lot better. So now that i'm done cleaning, i'm just waiting for him to get home so we can just chillax and what not. Then we are gonna go and take a shower and then go to Cotton Patch to have dinner, we absolutely love that place. It's our favorite to go.

After dinner, we are gonna go out to watch The Roommate, which I heard was a pretty scary movie so i'm totally excited to see that! It has Leighton Meester whom I think is a wonderful actress and I definitely wish that they would have picked her as Bella! Suckers. LOL. Well I'll let you know tomorrow how my night goes!!!

What are you guys doin? How are you spending your Valentines? Let me know in the comments below! BTW, the wonderful pictures I got are from Berry Goodies. So go say Hi and tell them I sent you there! Have a great Valentines!


  1. Oooh have fun. ;D I'm not doing anything for V-day. LOL.

  2. Us poor single folks get to say "I never celebrate it anyway." LOL, but then... who would I celebrate it with? Poor me. Maybe next year:'(

  3. Scary movie for a date.. I could go with that!!! Happy Valentines Adrian Paul!! And hope you have tons of fun with your hubby!!

  4. I'm a sucker for quotes with pictures! Thanks!

  5. I don't celebrate valentines lol
    somehow, have a great time :)

  6. Oh, The roommate was a great movie! Not too scary, but enough that it made me jump :)


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