Saturday, March 28, 2015

Gay issues in 2015

I watched a movie on Netflix today called Out In the Line-Up.It's a documentary about surfers who are gay and the struggles that they had to deal with in that community. Actually, currently I am watching it as I am typing this. It is actually interesting in hearing about how much people in the surfing industry. A lot of the things that surfers have said on there is that it's really taboo to be gay in the surfing community. That everyone just talked about surfing so no one really knew if anyone was gay because they just didn't talk about it.

I would think that this would be a good thing because being gay is not an issue and that people just don't care to know if you are gay or not, you are just a like-minded person getting along and loving what you do. That's how society should be, not so curious and prying into peoples personal lives. If you were on the way to becoming a good friend of mine, then eventually I wouldn't mind if they asked or they would probably find out soon anyway. Honestly, who cares? Why is being gay such a taboo thing nowadays? There are so many people out who commit suicide because of non-acceptance. Why would you want that to happen to someone because you feel that it's against your morals? You are not that person and they do not reflect you. If you don't want to be friends or even be acquainted with a gay person, just omit yourself. There's no room for hate in my book.

 It's 2015 and being gay is something to embrace. You should hug that gay person that you meet out randomly. They have probably been through hell in their life. You never know what is going with someone in their life. They don't know what going on in yours. So why hate on someone just because of their orientation? It's almost like being gay is becoming the new thing after racism. And that still exists in this world. Although, those things will probably never go away, it would be nice if it were more socially accepted.

What about you? What do you think about LGBT issues?

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