Saturday, March 28, 2015

The King and I

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I worked most of the day it was alright. We had quite a few exams but not too many people were interested in purchasing glasses so it went buy pretty slow. I emailed a few people that I had worked with previously to try to get them to come in and one of them ended up buying a cute Tom Ford frame that we looked at pm the date of their eye exam. I was supposed to meet up with my cousin for lunch, her treat, at a Korean restaurant near both of our jobs but we just couldn't get our schedules to coincide so we ended up rescheduling to a different day. Overall, pretty uneventful.

When I got home, however, that's where the fun began. Right when I got home I saw that my cousin had called so I rang her back and found out that she had won tickets to The King and I that was showing at the Music Hall at Fair park. She said that she had two extra tickets for me and Josh and I jumped on the offer. I asked her when the show was, she told me that it was in an hour. Shit, I thought. I told her heck yeah I'm coming and I'm literally gonna be on my way ASAP. I hung up with her, took my cousins dog out, got dressed super quickly and left for Dallas.

Dallas. I do love Dallas. I hate the traffic. It literally took me an hour to get there and I live about 24 miles away. What should take me around 30 minutes, took me an hour. The traffic wasn't too bad since it was a Friday night but I could imagine how bad it would be if it were actually rush hour... I just got chills down my spine. It's like a scary movie.

When we finally got there it was packed and we had to park all the way in the back. Rosa parks style. Then there was a guy who came who picked us up in a little buggy thing and drove us to the front of the Music Hall. Then we waited for my cousin to bring up the tickets and went to take our seats, right as the musical started.

Now onto the musical, it was fabulous. The lady who  played Anna did such a great job. Her voice was on point for the not really strenuous songs that she sang. The man who played the King was awesome. So funny and hilarious.... et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. LOL! I absolutely loved it. The two love birds in the end really stole the show. Lun Tha was awesome. He was a fellow filipino which was pretty cool knowing that and his singing voice was astounding. The person that really did it for me though was Tuptim, now her voice was just crazy good. She was hitting those notes so operatically and full, it really made my heart melt. The story itself was a great story, it really picked on religion, racism and slavery. Although, there were some serious undertones, it was a funny story. If you live in the Dallas area, I highly recommend it. It's gonna be at the Music hall until the 5th.

After that, we went home and passed out on the couch. It's been a really long time since Josh and I have been out and have done anything outside the box like that. It's usually just going out to eat and going to the dive bar Marina's. I thoroughly enjoyed it quite a bit. I loved it so much! I hope that someday soon I will be watching another musical.I'm sad that I missed Kinky Boots, and Cinderella is coming in June. I'd really like to see that one.

Have you guys seen any musicals lately? Which ones are your favorites?

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