Sunday, April 12, 2015

Mariah Carey | #RevealMariah

Mariah Carey | #RevealMariah

YES! Finally I have been waiting for the day where Mariah is coming out with some new music! Well, this isn't really new music but it will HAVE new music! Mariah Carey has been waiting and waiting to do a #1's album for a while and has also been in the studio recording some new material. I believe that now that she has fired her publicist of 15 years, and got a brand new management team, and signed on with Epic Records she is starting to get on the right track for herself.

Now with this new #RevealMariah thing, it's actually really smart where her last album did not attract much attention, however now for people to #reveal her new album, you have to share it with an abundance amount of people in order for you to view it! I am so excited to see how it looks, so please please please go to MariahCarey.Com and share with all of your friends!

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