Tuesday, April 7, 2015

World Health Day 2015

What is ONE thing that you could do to improve your health?

I think for me, my biggest thing is that I love salt and sugar. I would just probably watch my intake on salt and sugar. My downfall is chips. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Wavy Lay's Hickory BBQ chips. They are just too good! I could literally eat an ENTIRE BAG in just one sitting. It's so terrible but true. And that's a ton of sodium and sugar. But they are just so addicting!

I'm planning to do the Stoli Guy competition this year and the Dallas Voice of Pride singing competition this year as well. I competed last year for Stoli Guy and got 1st runner-up in the Dallas Division but did not compete in Voice of Pride. I need to start working out and eating healthier and training my voice for those things and improving my health would contribute to me doing well in both competitions tremendously.

What would you guys do and what are your fitness/health goals?

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