Monday, July 6, 2015

25 random facts about you

Hey guys, here is a little list of 25 Facts about me. I thought, since I have posted in almost two months, with my little comeback I should write a little bit about myself. My next entry is going to tell you guys a little bit more about my two months away from y'all. I've had a lot of things happen to me and it's pretty crazy/exciting/sad. Well, here it goes, a little about me!

1. I'm very ticklish.
2. I love to sing.
3. I love Mariah Carey.
4. I love watching anime.
5. I love to play Destiny.
6. I hate having long hair myself.
7. I was born in Fort Worth, Texas.
8. I have never been to Europe.
9. I was a military brat.
10. I'm left handed.
11. I'm a messy person.
12. My parents got divorced when I was really young. 
13. I'm an apple person.
14. Except I have a Windows Phone. (Nokia Lumia 1020.)
15. I sell glasses for a living.
16. I am scared to start a singing career.
17. I'm not diagnosed but I think I might have Adult-ADD.
18. I don't think I've ever really been depressed before.
19. I'm an attention seeker.
20. I'm a Leo.
21. I'm into men.
22. I love r&b/pop music.
23. I was in an opera.
24. I did musical theatre in high school and college.
25. I never finished college.

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