Monday, April 27, 2015

Mariah Carey - Infinity Single Cover + Lyric Video

As most of you guys know, I am absolutely in LOVE with Mariah Carey. She is my favorite singer of all time. So I am so excited to hear that she has a new song and video that came out today! It's called "Infinity" and from what I thought at first, I thought it was going to be an empowering song, kinda reminiscent of "Almost Home". That was not the case, this is actually more of a break up song that is like her song, "Up Out My Face". With lyrics like,
Everything you own boy, you still owe.
 It sounds like she is ready to shoot Nick Cannon, or maybe some other guy. I don't know but let me tell you... I LOVE IT! It's very 90s which is great nostalgia for #lambs like me. I really hope that this single does well because I really want her to have her 19th #1 hit so it can solidify her as the best, which she is for sure the only female with 18 #1 singles so now we have to beat the Beatles.

Now she is going to be at Caesar's Palace in Vegas tonight for her #1 Residency Kick Off Event and I wish that I could be there but alas, I will not. I'm really hoping to go during her residency which is going to start May 6th. We will see. Only time will tell! You can purchase tickets at the Caesar's Palace website.

For now, here is the single cover and the lyric video! I hope you enjoy!

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