Friday, November 11, 2016

Press Play Weekend Playlist: Chill & Vibe

Hey guys! I'm Adrian and this is Press Play Weekend Playlist.

This week's theme is Chill and Vibe.

Whether you are in your room snuggling on a cozy bed, doing homework, or in the throes of a passionate match of Super Smash Bros. This playlist will set the mood for any situation.

I've been listening to this playlist all week and let me tell you, I've been cruisin', groovin', vibin', and movin'.  

I was feeling butterfly's with Mariah Carey's *sings* We Belong Together, I was also feelin' real sexy and into myself with Johnny Stimsons "So. Good.", or I was feelin' some type of way with Frank Ocean's "Thinkin' Bout You."

Although the real standout song in this playlist is the last song, "Die Trying" by Michl. I actually heard this song because I was going through Zac Efron's Twitter and saw a post where he posted this song and I just absolutely loved it. I think it embodies both Chill and Vibe.

I hope you guys enjoy it. Here's Press Play: Chill and  Vibe.

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