Thursday, January 27, 2011


Okay, so if you know me, you know that I love the Sidekick brand. I have had every single Sidekick there ever was at a point in my life, but since the whole fiasco with the outage and what not, I have moved on especially since it died in 2009. So sad. =[. I had my eyes fixated on the HD2 which is the phone that I had for the longest time because it was just such an amazing phone. I WAS gonna try to get it back but now that this amazing awesome fantastical news has been out, I have changed my gaze! I am now presenting the Sidekick 4G! The picture and info is from TmoNews.Com and they are the best at keeping up the TMobile official and unofficial news to everyone!

So as you can see, it has pretty much the same build as the LX 09 which I thought was a pretty decent phone. It says thats it's It has a front facing camera, which I LOVE, and is gonna be sporting Android 2.2.1. I am very anxious to see how Android is gonna be on a Sidekick. Especially since the Sidekick is NOT touchscreen, I wanna see how it's gonna factor into this new phone. Is the Sidekick gonna GET a touchscreen or not? How are we gonna move apps to the home screen from the apps window? Hmmm we shall see.

Things I'm hoping for:

1. Swivel, which I doubt, it looks like a slider which I'm fine with since I had the Sidekick Slide for the longest time when I did have a Sidekick.

2. 4" screen. Which also I doubt, just because it doesn't look like it would and it would be freaking huge if it did. The side buttons really take up a lot of space around the screen so I wanna see how it's gonna be. 3.7" is okay with me as long as it's SUPER AMOLED so I can read easily!

3. Protruding buttons. The thing I love the most about the Sidekick, which I'm sure everyone else does as well is the keyboard. 5 rows of QWERTY goodness! It looks like some of the buttons are switched around and the space bar is a little smaller than normal. What I really want is the buttons to be more out. I didn't like the SK Slides plastic buttons that were kinda indented, ickkk. Didn't help my texting at all! The SK 3's buttons were the best!

4. Flash. It doesn't look like in these pictures that the Sidekick is gonna have flash, which is kinda disappointing, I loved flash on the sidekicks. It helps a lot. I wish that it would have it.

5. 8MP Camera and 1.2MP front facing with 720p video recording. My life would be complete!!!! But I doubt that it would have this. =/.

6. Long lasting battery. When I had my LX, it had the longest battery ever. Not as much as the Blackberry but I could easily last 2 days on a single charge with all the texting, IMing and browsing I did, it was quite the trooper.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the Sidekick that I was really wishing for, but it's a good start! I would definitely still get this phone just because it would feel amazing to have the Sidekick with Android on it.

Another thing, I was looking at some comments and there was some really good points about it. This phone is directed mostly to teenagers and that demographic. But looking at how it has Android and what not, you can make it more of a business type phone. So I'm also hoping for a Dual Core Processor since it IS running Android, don't you think?

Also, it doesn't have a name. Would it just be the Sidekick 4G? Or have a name like the Gekko, LX, 3, Slide, whatever. Usually they have names. They usually have around 2 or 3 different devices one that's the low -end cheaper (iD, Gekko) that the younger people could get and then the high end version as well (LX, LX 09) so hopefully there will be one or two devices that we can choose from!

Gah! This was such a long post, LOL. I didn't imagine it to be this long but tell me what you guys think about it! I personally cannot wait for it to come out!


  1. Haha. Damn, dude. You're making ME want one of these. I love, love, LOVE the new blog design, by the way. Meant to tell you that. ;)

  2. You know I try! I love phones! And the Sidekick was my favorite phone ever! And thank you very much! it took me forever, LOL.

  3. SWEET! I want one XD I have a boring green Samsung Gravity 1. :l

  4. I want one too! We should all get one!

  5. I remember when sidekicks were all anyone ever talked about.. that seems so long ago haha.

    BLACKBERRY FTW! Though this one does sound a bit interesting..

  6. @JellyBeanQueen thank you so much! I try to keep it organized! LOLOL.

    @Ashley I am not a big fan of the Blackberry, I had it for a long time and it's just not my cup of tea. You should get one of these too!


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