Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 26 - Photo(s) of where I've been too

MMMkay. So today, on Day 26 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge, is a photo of where I've been too. Well I decided to add more than one photo because you can't really grasp the whole experience of the Philippines in just one photo. Well I'm sure you can but I didn't take a picture like that. Instead, here are some pictures of my trip to P.I. for my dads wedding back in July of 2010. The picture above is of a thingy in the middle of the street. It was right after I got off the plane and I went to my step mothers Bachelorette party and it was absolutely crazy!

There was a a lot of singing involved and a stripper that got completely naked! So awkward! But my aunt protected me! LOL it was so funny. But I enjoyed it.

The picture above is of the same thing except from a different angle. I added 'Chow King' to the picture because it's my favorite place to eat when I'm in the Philippines, but my dad wouldn't take me there. Boo. Sucks. Oh well. I will get my chance to go when I go again in the futur-o!

Okay so now, this picture above is of Villa Escudero. I took it while we were eating breakfast and you can see the little cabin/house thing that we stayed in over the water. It was beautiful there. Swimming and dining. I think the best thing about it was you could eat over the water. Literally! You would go down these stairs and you would see a waterfall. Right where the water fall like... finishes, in the space at the bottom, there was tables and chairs where you could eat. You took off your shoes and went into the water and got your food and sat and ate! All in the water. It was really cool. It's was an amazing experience.

This picture depicted above is of one of the malls in P.I., it was huge! Freaking 8 stories high! Of just shopping and what not. I also got to go to Mall of Asia, which is the biggest mall in all of Asia. Let me just say, they had like hotels and what not camped out all over the mall so people could stay there. It took like a whole week to see the whole mall and let me say that we didn't see even half of it! I want to come back and do more shopping because everything there is freaking cheap!

The last picture above is the reception at my dads wedding. It was an amazing reception and I got to sing and make a toast! I sang "Always and Forever" by Luther Vandross. I felt that I did alright, lol. Well the main point of the picture is that the little card says "I Love You" in Ilocano which is one of the dialects in the Philippines. On every table, there was a different card that all said "I Love You" in all different languages. it was so cute!

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  1. Omagaaawwwddd, that mall. I would be in heaven. I HAVE to go there now.

    That sounds like an amazing trip, glad you enjoyed it! That third pic is gorgeouss :)

  2. Yes! The malls were absolutely amazing! I think I went to 6 of them and I didn't get to see the whole malls! It was crazy! You should most definitely go, it is such an amazing experience!

  3. My mall has about 60ish stores.... it is tragic. We call it 'the small'

  4. You should make a trip out to the Philippines, it's amazing!

  5. you gotta take photos more often! I love seeing what others have seen that day.

  6. Thank you! I will try to take more photo's often. Sadly, I don't have the phone that I took them with anymore. =[. But I will try, just for you!


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